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Our Cause

We will be the Icebreakers. By beginning the dialogue and continuing the conversation, we will encourage open, honest communication regarding the barriers existing between mental illness and mental health.

On May 15th, six of us will take our first of over 5 million steps to create a national conversation about mental illness. We are not a group of mental health professionals, but rather a reflection of mental illness. Our personal stories represent addiction, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, among others. We know firsthand the barriers that exist between mental illness and mental health. Most importantly, we know that taking the first step to overcome those barriers is often the toughest decision one ever makes. We invite you to come take that first step with us and let’s break down these barriers together, one step at a time.

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Sevenly and Without Limits

Run Facts

  • Run will begin May 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA and end June 9, 2016 at Mental Health America’s (MHA) Annual Conference in Alexandria, VA.

  • The some 3,100 mile route runs along the southern US, through Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and the eastern seaboard.

  • Each day the team will cover approximately 130 miles, or approximately a marathon distance, for each runner.

  • The run will continue 24 hours a day, rain or shine, for 24 days.


  • Each day the Icebreaker team will welcome a guest runner. Guest runners will range from celebrities to residents of the communities we run through. Each guest runner has a direct connection to our mission.

  • Members of the Icebreaker team will visit schools, community centers, media events, and treatment centers to raise awareness while passing through cities.

  • Cities including Santa Monica, Phoenix, Dallas, Birmingham, Atlanta, Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond, Alexandria and Washington, DC.

  • Tune in to our daily podcasts! We’ll conduct these along the route, inviting people to share stories about their experiences and connect with those on a similar journey.

  • Be on the lookout for our Icebreaker crew vehicles. All of them will display sponsorship graphics and information.


The Ice Breaker Team

Bart Yasso – Team Coach


Dubbed the “Mayor of Running,” Yasso is the Chief Running Officer for Runner’s World Magazine. He is the inventor of the “Yasso 800s,” a marathon-training schedule used worldwide. In his book My Life on the Run, Yasso highlights his globe-trotting running and his struggles with mental illness and addiction.


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